Retiros de Padel en PADELPOINT



¿Feel Passion for Pádel ?

¿ Would you like to level up yor skills  ?

¿ Do you enjoy sharing new experiences and meeting people like you ?





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599 Euros




Join us and enjoy this amazing padel trip , where you will have a healthy, stress-free and very enjoyable experience.

In a very friendly enviroment, you will be able to meet people that love padel just like we do. Yo will feel like at home.


You will have the chance to improve your padel skills in our specialized trainings. Play padel games and matches with other trainees and also local people. enjoy this stunning location where you will spot the sea and delightful beaches nearby, mountain, fantastic food and plenty of sun.


¿ What is Included ?



- Trainings: skills, táctics, drills and workouts

- Padel games and matches

- 3 Nights in a Spa Resort, breakfast included and delicius lunch at the Padel Club


- Spa with Indoor an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, termal bath

- Gym and Group Activities

- Coffe, tea, fruit and cereal bars all day


- Welcome Pack: Gym sack with a set of balls, overgrips, cap and T-shirt

- Test all our padel rackets available...more than 450 models ¡¡

- Tournament with trainees and locals, trophies for champions



And if you want more....we give you this options :



- Intensive course for 1 o 2 persons to deep in your skills

- Spa and thermal bath session in the resort with 20 health tratamens available and fisiotherapy

- Bycicle, motorbike and/or car rental on a special rate basis


-  Fusion cuisine in Hotel Akkinon

- Cooking leasons where you will learn tipical spanish dishes






Akinon resort is located in a relaxing and peaceful enviroment that can take you to an outstanding experience. Akinon means "key of life" where you can enjoy a well deserved rest after a tough training day


You will find:


- Spa with indoor and outdoor pool

- Fusion cuisine

- Fitness area

- Cooking leasons

and more...


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The club is located en Camilo Cano Sport City, awarded as best sport city in Europe of all times


- 12 Courts

- Pro Shop with more than 400 articles

- Restaurant

- Gym and activities area

- Spa, indoor/outdoor pool

- Sportive massage service

- Kids Area

Trekking paths next to the club

and much more...